How to Discreetly Use Your Phone: a ​REALTORS®​ Guide


As a ​REALTOR®​, you’re always on your phone, right? It’s just the nature of your job. You need to check messages, clients call at odd times, and timely responses are essential.​ Of course, not everyone is understanding about that, especially clients that want your full attention without being interrupted by other clients! For those times you need to answer a text without others seeing you do so, just follow these helpful guidelines - they’ll never know!

1. If you are meeting a client for lunch, place your phone on your lap with your napkin, then every time you wipe your hands you can look down and check your messages.

2. Hide your phone in your sleeve and every time you fix that wisp of hair or put on chapstick or blow your nose, take a peek at it.

3. Pretend like you’re taking notes or calculating something to sneak in a text.

4. Explain you have a small bladder then excuse yourself to the restroom as often as you like.

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How to Play it Cool When Clients Are Not


If it were a perfect world, all of your clients would be happy, cheerful people who don’t have anything against paneling, are totally okay with wall-to-wall pink shag carpeting and detest natural light. How great would that be? Unfortunately, we all know that’s not reality, and while many clients are perfectly pleasant, there are plenty who are, well, let’s just say unpleasant. How do you deal with difficult clients? Well, let’s break it down:

The Nit-Pickers

These are the people who think they are going to find a house that checks all 2,000 boxes of their must-haves. They look at every last detail, scrunch up their noses, sigh a lot, and are incapable of envisioning a room simply painted in a different color.
WHAT TO DO​: be ready with a plan on how to counter their comments. If you know they’re going to balk at the brass finishes, tell them you’ve estimated the cost of replacing them all and will put it in the purchase agreement for the seller to cover. Boom, moving on. Just try to imagine all the things they will have issues with, have your answer ready, and prepare to win even the nittiest of the nit-pickers over.

The Arguers

Nothing’s more uncomfortable than showing a house to a couple who can’t agree on anything and therefore argue throughout the entire home buying process. They have separate wish lists, different ideas of how much to spend, desire different locations and have two totally different styles. Yikes! How in the heck do you end their conflicts and please them both?
WHAT TO DO:​ Have them each prioritize their must-haves and the things they would be most willing to compromise on, then try to find houses that deliver a happy medium. If this still doesn’t work, keep a close watch on who seems to win the most arguments and lean toward satisfying that person more than the other!

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The Joys of Paperwork (When You Work with Sun Title)


Paperwork. It’s a necessary evil in the life of a ​REALTOR®. Whether commercial or residential, real estate transactions involve lots o’ paperwork - there’s just no getting around it. But it doesn’t have to take hours on end and be something you dread as much as going to the dentist or being left alone with your mother-in-law. Here’s a little secret to finding joy in the pile of papers: Leave it all to us.

That’s right, we’re happy to make sure all your paperwork is in place, everything’s documented correctly, info is accurate and all the legal stuff is correct (Sun Title is run by two lawyers after all). Even if one of the parties involved is a FSBO, we’ve still got you covered with a whole packet of information that explains what to do and where to sign. All you have to do is hand it to them. It’s tough not to find some joy in that, huh?

Questions? Go ahead and refer them to us. Adjustments that need to be made? No problem. Issues that arise needing solutions (and likely more paperwork)? It’s all good. We’ll even proactively solve things we think just may pop up to make sure there are no delays or glitches getting in your way. And hey, when everything is in proper order, an efficient closing is as inevitable as all the paperwork involved! Want a fast, problem-free and nothing short of awesome closing experience? Just call Sun Title at ​616-458- 9100. We might not be able to help you find joy in spending alone time with your mother-in-law, but we can definitely help you find joy in the paperwork involved with a closing that goes faster than you can say ”Initial here.”

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Top 5 Benefits to ​REALTORS®​ Who Work with Sun Title


You’ve got a lot on your plate. The last thing you need is a title company that’s not willing to do what it takes to help you out. Luckily, there’s Sun Title. We’re not like other places. Why? Well, here are the top 5 benefits of working with us instead of some other title place that just doesn’t compare.


We Say Yes When Others Tell You No

We like to call ourselves a Yes company, because, well, we like to say yes...yes we can do that. We will find a way to find a solution for you, and in fact sometimes other title companies call upon us to find a solution for them!


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Would you rather show a house with no basement or one bathroom?


Finding the perfect house for clients is certainly never easy. Sometimes compromises need to be made and often it comes down to the epic battle of basement vs. bathroom options. What should you do if you find yourself smack dab in the middle of this dilemma? Maybe a look at the pros and cons of each will help bid one against the other:

No Basement
Well, it’s pretty obvious, right?
● Less storage for all the stuff you move from place to place even though you don’t really use it
● No extra entertaining space
● Nowhere to send the kids to get out of your hair
● Nowhere to create a mother inlaw suite to get her out of your hair
● One less option for placement of the litter box
● No man cave

Yes, we can actually come up with some:
● Guaranteed main floor laundry
● Less stairs to climb
● Incentive to become a minimalist
● Nowhere for inlaws to stay overnight
● One less space to have to fix up
● Kids will leave to go over friends’ houses that have basements
● Less likelihood of haunting
● Fewer spiders

Okay, maybe those last two are getting kind of desperate, but the fact is, you can show a house with no basement confidently if you can counter the cons with solutions. Point out the garage or attic that can provide storage. An extra bedroom can be converted into a man cave or guest room. A deck is great added entertaining space. Oh, and be sure to emphasize the multiple bathrooms!

Vs. One Bathroom
Bathroom, party of one is a tough sell for sure...
● Lack of a no-waiting experience
● Inconvenient for you, let alone guests
● Difficult to get ready in the morning
● Disastrous for entertaining
● Who likes having to hold it?
● The chance of having to directly follow someone who’s, you know, been in
there a while.

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Cookies and Other Ways to Win Homebuyers Over


It’s an ancient Realtor® secret: freshly-baked cookies makes a house smell like home, and clients with tummies full of delicious cookies are just plain happier and willing to overlook the fact that the cookies are in a really small kitchen. Ah, but cookies aren’t the only tricks of the trade. There are other ways to make an open house awesome.

Avoid Staging Faux Pas
Make sure the seller has decluttered but not to the point of leaving an empty room with just a lamp and wadded up pair of socks. Also ask that they remove any kind of “out of the ordinary” decor such as a room full of taxidermy, velvet Elvis paintings in the dining room, dirty dishes in the bathtub, or creepy dolls on the master bed.

Ixnay on the Petsnay
If you’ve got an open house scheduled, have the seller arrange for Kitty and Fido to enjoy a little getaway at Grandma’s house. Pick up toys, clean up fur balls, put away food bowls, and for pete’s sake make sure there is no sign of feces! Oh, and this goes for all types of pets, not just cats and dogs. Want to lose your clients’ interest right away? Show ‘em Penny the pet Python.

Don’t Underestimate Curb Appeal
The goal is to show off the house which is tough if people don’t even want to go inside. Avoid the driveby home shopper by having the seller break out the weed whacker, plant flowers, put out a new welcome mat and maybe even spruce up the front door with a fresh coat of paint. Fix, replace or just plain get rid of anything broken or resembling abandonment. A nice yard is typically on the top of buyers’ must-haves list and it’s your chance to make a positive first impression. Any possibility of acquiring poison oak or spraining your ankle on your way up the front steps is pretty much going to lose clients not win them.

Use Sun Title
Sure, it’s a shameless plug, but we are seriously obsessed with providing nothing short of an excellent closing experience. Clients don’t want delays, nor do they want hassles or surprises, which is why using Sun Title is your best choice. We are committed to proactively solving problems every step of the home buying/selling process, so you and your clients can enjoy smooth sailing from open house to closing day. Call 616-458- 9100 and we’ll be happy to tell you how great we are. Better yet, we’d be happy to prove it to you.

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What to do when you're locked out of the house you were about to show


Quirky homeowner hobbies on display, falling through a front porch step, getting lost in the brambles of a front yard, and being chased by rambunctious dogs – this is the stuff that makes up Realtor® nightmares, but even showing the perfect house can have its problems – like not being able to get in it, for instance.

If you ever get to a house but find yourself locked out, stay calm, casually send a text to whomever you need to deal with the lock box, and while you wait for assistance, try these tips to salvage the trip:

Take a Tour
This is a perfect opportunity to show your clients around the neighborhood so they can see all the great things about living there. ​Pro tip​: drive as quickly as you can past the worst house on the street and the hairy-backed shirtless neighbor watering his lawn with a hose. Every street has ‘em.

Get to Know the Neighbors
Strike up a neighborly conversation. Your clients can get a jump start on getting to know the people next door and maybe you’ll be able to talk them into using their spare key to get you in! ​Pro tip:​ Make sure they’re not weird first.

Move On
It’s likely you have other houses to show, so move on to the next address on your list and come back later. Just act like you changed your mind on what house you wanted to show your clients first – they’ll be too distracted by the hairy guy to notice anyway.

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Tips to Overcome a Lack of Granite Countertops


There’s nothing worse than opening that front door to show a house and the client shrieks at the site of any other type of countertop besides granite, or (gasp) non-stainless steel appliances. The retreat can be swift, but it doesn’t have to be - convince them to carry on by using these helpful tips:

Remind them of the great curb appeal and awesome location...
Or any other positive you can quickly conjure up. Break out the old, “You can replace the countertops or appliances easier than you can move a house” argument. Seriously, works every time.

Block their line of view
Enter through a door that does not reveal the non-granite tragedy right off the bat, or strategically position yourself between the client and the horrific sight. If they do get a glimpse, divert their attention immediately with a fireplace, bay window, or original wood floors. But whatever you do, don’t look up for fear of pointing out something worse: the dreaded popcorn ceiling.

Share some anti-granite knowledge
Educate yourself about various types of countertops so you can share the pros of other materials and the cons of trendy granite that can sometimes be more expensive without any real advantage over other options.

Show them the best part of the house first
If you know they’re going to love something else about the house that checks off something major on their list, corral them to that area first so you can remind them of it later when they cringe at the countertop catastrophe.
These useful tips are brought to you by your friends at Sun Title - hopefully your preferred title company. We know a great closing can’t happen until a house is sold, so you can depend on us from the very beginning to ensure a closing experience as spectacular as stainless steel and granite combined.
We’ve got your back every step of the way. Just give us a call at 616-458- 9100 and let’s work together to get the deal done.

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How to Hide Your Displeasure When Forced to Use a Different Title Company

How to Hide Your Displeasure When Forced to Use a Different Title Company

You know that Sun Title is passionate about delivering the best possible closing experience ever, but what if you don’t get to choose? What if others involved aren’t as title company savvy as you and you’re forced to use a different title company? Well, being the helpful, go the extra mile kind of place that we are, we’re still happy to help. Here are some tips on how to hide your displeasure when you have to work with someone other than us:


Master a fake smile

Upon hearing the excruciating news of having to use a title company other than Sun Title, take a deep breath and try to think of a relaxing place (like a Sun Title closing, for instance). Allow the corners of your mouth to curl upward, and don’t forget to show some teeth. It might also help to think of something funny - like the fact that anyone would choose a different title company. On second thought, that’s kind of sad so scratch that.


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Signs You Wish You Would've Used Sun Title


Congrats! You bought a house, you’re super pumped, can’t wait to close on it, move in and make it your own, but then there’s the issue of (imagine scary music here) the closing documents.


Yes, some may think of a closing as an intimidating stack of papers that require you to sign on the dotted line until your ink runs out and your hand’s so cramped the letters of your name are no longer legible, but hey, all that paper is a necessary part of buying a home. So, you’re stuck, with the long, drawn-out process, right? Not if you choose a title company with as much scrutiny as you chose your new place. The fact is, not all title companies are the same. Consider these signs you should go with Sun Title next go around:


You could run a marathon - twice - in the amount of time the closing takes

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Things To Do During the Long Process of Closing with Someone Other Than Sun Title


Well, this is exciting - at least it was a couple of hours ago when it began. It’s closing day and all you really want is to be handed the keys to your new front door, but since the title company isn’t Sun Title, instead you’re being handed more paperwork to sign. You’re listening to gobbly-gook you don’t understand and you’re probably getting hungry and frustrated and impatient. Don’t worry...we’ve seen this happen before. Just try to stay calm and attempt some of these antics to make the time go by faster:


1. Count things

Doesn’t matter what it is. Just start counting. Count the number of pages in the pile of paper in front of you, the number of stripes in that guy’s tie, how many times they say, “Sign here,” you get the idea. This old stand by works every time.


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Top 4 Annoying Delays That are Completely Avoided with Sun Title


The process of buying and selling real estate can sometimes be pretty darn lengthy, especially if your title company isn’t pro-actively trying to do everything they can to prevent any setbacks. Here are the top annoying delays you can avoid by simply using Sun Title:


Delay #1: An “Unclean” Title

No we’re not talking about a coffee spill or chocolate smudge, we’re talking about stuff that needs to be cleared up before the transfer of ownership can take place. This is where having an attorney-owned title company like Sun Title comes in handy. To avoid these types of delays, it’s crucial to have a thorough title search to ensure everything is accurate and there are no hidden surprises like liens or bankruptcies that can rear their ugly heads in the future.


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Make Your Customer the First Line of Defense

Cyber fraud is unhinged and has hit an epic level in real estate transactions.  Wire fraud activity increased 480% last year in the title industry alone and cyber crime is estimated to reach $2T by the end of 2019.  To put this in perspective, only eight countries in the world are expected to have GDP above $2T this year.

Cyber criminals are successfully using phishing scams to gain access to the email accounts of trusted parties in a transaction (agents, lenders and title providers) to introduce last minute changes to the funding process so that the buyer and/or seller will transfer funds to fraudulent company accounts.  Most customers are easily tricked and nearly defenseless from these sophisticated acts of crime.

What’s the solution?  It’s a layered approach that must include transforming our clients from fraud targets into strong allies who can help prevent fraud. 

I will be speaking at an engaging ALTA ONE session this October in Miami, Florida titled "Make Your Customers the First Line of Defense" where we will dive deep into the following topics:

  • Improving internet hygiene;
  • Layering security to lower risk profiles;
  • Seeing fraud before it starts;
  • Do’s and Don’ts for communication; and
  • Things that will “never happen” during a transaction

With the help of our customers, we can reduce fraud and turn our focus back to creating a great closing experience.  Each participant will leave with a Top 10 Fraud Prevention Tips that can be shared with all agents, lenders, buyers and sellers to protect against fraud.

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Transaction Fraud Continues to Escalate - Protect Yourself and Your Client!

Cyber fraud is unhinged and has hit an epic level in real estate transactions.  We saw a significant change in the level of sophistication and precision last summer and it has only gotten worse.  Wire fraud activity increased 480% last year in the title industry alone and cyber crime is estimated to reach $2T by the end of 2019.  To put this in perspective, only eight countries in the world are expected to have GDP above $2T this year.

Cyber criminals are successfully using phishing scams to gain access to the accounts of representatives in a transaction (agents, lenders and title providers) to introduce a last minute change to the funding process andmanipulate the transfer of buyer and seller funds to fraudulent company accounts.  Here's a link to the first lawsuit filed in Colorado by a couple who lost over $272K in a recent wire fraud (I promise it's a good link).  The couple named the real estate brokerage, lender and title company - this is the first case of its kind nationally and is being closely watched to see how the courts will assign fault (if any) for failing to educate and keep the couple safe from fraud.

Last Friday the CFPB took a historical step in releasing a Consumer Warning on its blog warning consumers of mortgage closing scams that are rippling across the country.  It includes a great summary of how the fraud starts, how clients are harmed and practical fraud prevention tips. Other federal agencies have issued similar releases such has the Federal Trade CommissionFinCEN and the FBI

We recently published a set of recommended best practices that can be found at: Sun Title Data Security Best Practice Tips

We are leading a national webinar that will be held on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 from 2-3pm EST.  We will be speaking with Matthew Froning, an expert in cyber security and best practices.  Please take the time to register for this webinar.

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Warmer weather begs for city exploration

The weather is finally warming up and it's got us reflecting on the many wonderful things West Michigan has to offer. We love this video by Experience Grand Rapids, depicting the charming treasures of the city.
From the freshly brewed pour-overs at the many coffeehouses to the stop-you-in-your-tracks art pieces hanging in galleries and stores, we just can't get enough of this beautiful city.
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Grand Rapids: Home of Community and Collaboration

As a West Michigan native, I can’t help but be grateful for all the great things happening in the area.  Our best kept secret is now a national spotlight which, I believe, will continue to drive the West Michigan economy forward.  Here’s a great video that Kristopher Larson and his team at Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. put together, highlighting the many great assets, accolades and attractions of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Go West Michigan!

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How to Sell Your Home: Tips and Strategies You Must Know


With home prices rising more than 10% on average last year and inventory levels at historical lows, this is a great year to sell your home and maximize your value. The current turnaround in housing is being attributed to a number of factors:

The unemployment rate in the United States has fallen from its recent high of over 10% in the fall of 2009 to just over 6% the spring of this year
Consumer confidence in the U.S. rose to a six year high this spring as people reported feeling more optimistic about the country's economic outlook going forward
Interest rates on home mortgages remain near historical lows and many loan programs still remain open for borrowers who have limited resources to put down
Housing inventory in the U.S. has fallen from an average of 13 months of supply in 2010 to just over 4 months of supply this spring

Given the brighter economic climate and lower unemployment, more people are looking to purchase and sell properties. The Great Recession deferred many life plans for people who are now feeling confident enough to make them a reality including the purchase of new homes or second vacation/retirement homes. The low interest rate environment provides buyer's with great purchasing power. In fact, for every 1% of mortgage interest rate reduction, the buyer's purchasing power goes up over 10%. Buyers who are mindful of this are looking to purchase sooner rather than later given the Federal Reserve's tapering of its bond purchases in recent months which will likely trigger a higher mortgage interest rate environment in the future.

In addition to the low interest rates, housing inventory has fallen sharply since 2010 creating a high demand for properties in desirable areas. We continue to hear stories from Realtors® who have received multiple offers on properties within hours of it hitting their multiple listing service (MLS) and many properties are selling above the original asking price.

All of these unique factors create a compelling reason to sell your house this year. If you are going to sell, be prepared to have it under contract quickly and close within 30 to 60 days. The timing needs to work for you and your needs and many sellers have been caught off guard by how fast the house sold. Most buyers require full possession of the property upon closing so having a post-sale game plan is critical before you list. If you have the resources, you may consider finding and securing your new home before listing your current home so that the dates of closing and possession line up – moving once is always better than moving twice!

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How to Sell Your Home: Determine Your Home's Value

Knowing the value of your home is critical before offering for sale. There are several ways to determine the value of your home. Online resources such as Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com and Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) will provide you with an estimate of the value of your home or your local market overall. Here are the links to these calculators:

Trulia: http://www.trulia.com/sell?ts=trulia&tscamp=home_page_module
Zillow: http://www.zillow.com/ (click on "Zestimate" on the "Find your home" search box)
Realtor.com: http://www.realtor.com/home-values/?source=web
FHFA: http://www.fhfa.gov/DataTools/Tools/Pages/HPI-Calculator.aspx

Once you have a starting point from these online resources you may want to take it a step further and obtain a value based on the up-to-date transaction history that an appraiser will use to value the property for the new buyer. The best way to do this without spending money is to obtain a comparative market analysis ("CMA") from a licensed Realtor® in your area. A CMA will identify all the homes that were listed, sold and withdrawn from the multiple listing service in your area within the past 6 months. Based on the size and condition of your home, it will give you an accurate estimate of what your home is worth at the present time. Without this, you may underprice your home and leave money on the table for the buyer or overprice your home and render the buyer unable to fulfill on the contract because the home appraised for lower than the agreed upon purchase price.
With the actual value of your home in hand, you should determine if you will walk out of the closing with money or if you will be required to bring money to the closing – and in what amount. To start, you should request a "payoff" from each lender currently holding a mortgage on your property. This can be done at any time and there is typically no fee. In addition to your payoffs, you must calculate Realtor® commissions, closing costs, title insurance, recording fees, property tax pro-rations and any tax or fee by the county or state to transfer the property to the new buyer (often referred to as a transfer tax). After you've accounted for all the fees and costs, you will know exactly what you will receive or be required to pay at the closing. This is commonly referred to as the Seller "net" number and a good Realtor®, title company or escrow company should be able to provide you with a "Seller Net Sheet" prior to listing your property for sale.
These techniques will put you in the driver's seat before listing your property for sale. Knowing the real value of your home and what you are likely to "net" at the closing will prevent surprises down the road and will allow you to plan your next exciting chapter in life!

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How to Sell Your Home: How to Find and Hire the "Get It Done" Agent

If you are considering selling your home, finding the right real estate agent is critical. You want to find the "Get It Done" agent in your area – the type of agent who lives and breathes real estate and has an intimate knowledge not just of your neighborhood but also with the surrounding community. This agent will leverage his or her knowledge and expertise to maximize the sales price and educate prospective buyers on why your home and community is the right place for them. Finding the Get It Done agent takes a little investment on your part but the payoff is huge. You deserve a high level of service, investment and communication from the agent representing your most valuable asset – your home. When you hire an agent they become a unique contractual extension of you so you need to make sure the fit is right.

Before making the decision to list you home with a Realtor, ask your friends, family and neighbors for agent recommendations. This is the best starting point to develop a roster of potential agent candidates. Title companies and lenders are another great source because they work with agents on a daily basis. Once you've assembled the list, look them up online and see how strong their presence is. Are they visible and do they appear to be active? Narrow your list to those with a strong online presence and history of working with homeowners in your neighborhood.
Once you've created the short list of candidates, interview at least three of them before making your decision. Treat this like an interview and let them know you are interviewing other agents and have them prepared to answer the following five questions:

1. What's Your Story? Ask the Realtor why they are in the real estate business and what their path was to get there. Some have a passion for property and helping people reach their goals. They are continually improving, evolving and learning the craft. Others are not as engaged and may have found themselves in the industry for other reasons. You want to make sure the agent you hire is passionate and excited about what they do and eager to represent you with the sale of your home.

2. Are You an Expert in My Neighborhood? You want to hire a Realtor that is an expert in your neighborhood and the type of property you have. Ask the agent to give you a list of properties sold within your area over the past 6 months. Also ask him or her about the happenings in the surrounding community to make sure they are in touch with current events. If you have a unique property such as waterfront, high-rise condominium or a large parcel with acreage, you should ask the agent about their expertise in selling properties that share the unique attributes of your property. If it seems like they are playing outside of their area of expertise, move on quickly. You do not want your home to be the first of its type the agent lists.

3. Who Have You Represented Recently? A Get It Done agent should be able to provide you with at least 10 references of homeowners he or she represented in the past 6 months. Have the agent summarize the transaction before you call. What was the listing price? Ultimate selling price? Days on the market? Concessions? Any unique issues that came up during the transaction? This type of transaction summary will allow for a more informed conversation with the reference when you call – and you must call!

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5 reasons to move to West Michigan

Numerous publications and entities find congruence in the fact there's a lot to like about West Michigan. From beer to beaches, West Michigan's many indelible qualities are well on display.

Lonely Planet, the world's most successful travel publisher, declared Grand Rapids & Lake Michigan's Gold Coast as the number one travel destination in the United States for 2014. Well, what's better than a West Michigan visit? West Michigan residency. For those looking to make a move, here are five reasons why West Michigan should be on your radar.

1. Raising a family

Young families will be happy to hear that West Michigan is an ideal spot to nurture and grow young minds. In fact, Grand Rapids, the second largest city in the state, often appears on Forbes Magazine's list of best places to raise a family—and was even ranked number one in 2012. Grand Rapids boasts the highest percentage of homeowners in the country at 77 percent. Forbes also cited lower crime rates and short commute times. As someone who moved from Detroit to Grand Rapids, the minuscule of rush hour traffic on US-131 is like open highway compared to I-696 and I-75.

2. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

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