What to do when you're locked out of the house you were about to show


Quirky homeowner hobbies on display, falling through a front porch step, getting lost in the brambles of a front yard, and being chased by rambunctious dogs – this is the stuff that makes up Realtor® nightmares, but even showing the perfect house can have its problems – like not being able to get in it, for instance.

If you ever get to a house but find yourself locked out, stay calm, casually send a text to whomever you need to deal with the lock box, and while you wait for assistance, try these tips to salvage the trip:

Take a Tour
This is a perfect opportunity to show your clients around the neighborhood so they can see all the great things about living there. ​Pro tip​: drive as quickly as you can past the worst house on the street and the hairy-backed shirtless neighbor watering his lawn with a hose. Every street has ‘em.

Get to Know the Neighbors
Strike up a neighborly conversation. Your clients can get a jump start on getting to know the people next door and maybe you’ll be able to talk them into using their spare key to get you in! ​Pro tip:​ Make sure they’re not weird first.

Move On
It’s likely you have other houses to show, so move on to the next address on your list and come back later. Just act like you changed your mind on what house you wanted to show your clients first – they’ll be too distracted by the hairy guy to notice anyway.

Talk About Title Insurance
Your clients will likely fall asleep and by the time they wake up you’ll be able to show them inside. Or, you can explain how Sun Title will make sure there are no further problems and the closing of the house will be way better than your present attempts to open it.

We’re pretty sure you already know about all these stall tactics, but if you don’t know what makes Sun Title different from other title companies, give us a call at 616-458- 9100. We can put an end to your nightmares and at the same time help put you to sleep talking about title stuff. It’s a win-win. Or, a win-win-win if you count the benefits your clients will receive. Give us a call today (something else you can do while you wait).

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