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A Different Kind of Title Company

It was an excruciating closing that sparked the beginnings of Sun Title – a closing that dragged on and on and was so painfully subdued and boring, that Tom and Lawrence were too exhausted to celebrate the finality of the transaction. They entered the closing with excitement and walked away on a mission: to never sit through such an awful experience again! They decided things in the industry needed to change, and set out to start a company that made sure every closing was phenomenal. 

Ta-da! Sun Title was born.

From day one, our goal has been to deliver the most enjoyable closing experience possible and here’s how we do it:


First and foremost, every member of the Sun Title team knows their stuff and is empowered to answer questions and solve problems A.S.A.P. That’s because we know you don’t have time to search for answers and understand anyone involved in real estate transactions does not want to deal with the “D” word (delays)!

Attention to Detail

You should never underestimate the importance of paying attention to every detail – one simple problem can bring the whole closing process to a screeching halt. We know what needs to be done, what processes to follow, what papers should be signed by whom, what issues could arise, and what it takes to solve them fast. This all adds up to a smooth closing without a hitch. 

Leveraging Legal Know-How

Do you have to have a legal background to run a title company? No. But it certainly doesn’t hurt! Because Lawrence and Tom both have legal experience as attorneys, they have the insights and knowledge to not only tackle legal documents, glitches, and questions accurately and professionally, but they also know what types of legal issues to look out for, solving them before they even occur! 

Saying “Yes”

To us, the word no ranks right up there with the D-word we mentioned earlier. When other title companies are far too quick to say “no”, we’re the ones saying “yes”…yes – we can do that for you, yes – we can solve that problem, yes – you can count on us. This is the foundation of who we are – a dedicated, friendly and helpful team who will do whatever it takes to ensure by the time you get to your closing, you will be excited, you will be in and out of there in no time, and you definitely will want to celebrate. After all, that’s exactly what closing on a home should be – an exciting time of celebration. And yes, we will make that happen. 

Ready to work with (or for) a different kind of title company? Call 616-458- 9100 today. 

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