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How to Discreetly Use Your Phone: a ​REALTORS®​ Guide

As a ​REALTOR®​, you’re always on your phone, right? It’s just the nature of your job. You need to check messages, clients call at odd times, and timely responses are essential.​ Of course, not everyone is understanding about that, especially clients that want your full attention without being interrupted by other clients! For those times you need to answer a text without others seeing you do so, just follow these helpful guidelines – they’ll never know!

1. If you are meeting a client for lunch, place your phone on your lap with your napkin, then every time you wipe your hands you can look down and check your messages.

2. Hide your phone in your sleeve and every time you fix that wisp of hair or put on chapstick or blow your nose, take a peek at it.

3. Pretend like you’re taking notes or calculating something to sneak in a text.

4. Explain you have a small bladder then excuse yourself to the restroom as often as you like.

5. Suggest clients check the house out themselves before you join them so they can share what they do or do not like. In the meantime, quickly answer all your texts before catching up with them again.

6. Pretend like you are absentmindedly using your phone as your car remote and take a quick peek at it as you laugh off your “mistake.”

7. Point out the beautiful marble countertops and suggest they take a really close look at the artistry. Then, while they’re really focused on the marble pattern, quick – check your phone!

8. Offer to take pictures of the house while clients are viewing it and check your messages or respond to texts before every shot.

9. Work with Sun Title to ensure smooth sailing and an efficient closing so you have plenty of time to make all the calls you want and answer all the texts you get. Just call 616-458- 9100…you know, when no one’s looking.

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