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How to Hide Your Displeasure When Forced to Use a Different Title Company

You know that Sun Title is passionate about delivering the best possible closing experience ever, but what if you don’t get to choose? What if others involved aren’t as title company savvy as you and you’re forced to use a different title company? Well, being the helpful, go the extra mile kind of place that we are, we’re still happy to help. Here are some tips on how to hide your displeasure when you have to work with someone other than us:

Master a fake smile

Upon hearing the excruciating news of having to use a title company other than Sun Title, take a deep breath and try to think of a relaxing place (like a Sun Title closing, for instance). Allow the corners of your mouth to curl upward, and don’t forget to show some teeth. It might also help to think of something funny – like the fact that anyone would choose a different title company. On second thought, that’s kind of sad so scratch that.

Bring things to do during the closing

Let’s face it, a non-Sun Title closing could take quite a while. In order to not appear bored, bring along a journal or make your grocery list which will look like you’re attentively taking notes. Here’s an oldie but a goody: hide a magazine in a folder of paperwork and do some reading while the process drags on. Oh, and don’t forget to pack a snack – you’ll probably get hungry at some point.

Pretend you enjoy problems and delays

When problems arise and delays are imminent, clap your hands and shout, “Hooray, I have more time to dig through my boxes and find what I need while I wait to move in!” You can also express how much you love living in your parents basement or sleeping on your friend’s couch, and how happy you are to prolong your stay.

Nod your head “yes” as much as possible

When in doubt, nod your head “yes.” This will give the appearance of being agreeable and totally into dealing with all the hassles that come with using other title companies.

Or…you could always just point out that with Sun Title, anything less than a pleasant, problem-free and efficient closing experience is unacceptable. Hopefully they go for it, and then that whole smiling thing will come totally natural. Give us a call at 616-458- 9100 if it works!

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