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Secrets to a Successful Closing

Holy cow, there’s a lot that goes into real estate transactions! Most of the time, though, the only thing anyone truly cares about is the closing. Buyers want in their new house, Sellers want out, simple as that. But the process itself is not-so-simple and usually comes with a whole bunch of questions. Who chooses the closing date? Where should the closing take place? How can we make sure it goes smoothly? As a title company that promises an awesome closing experience, we’re happy to share some secrets to a successful closing, starting with getting it on the calendar.

Choosing a Closing Date

While everyone wants this to be sooner rather than later, don’t jump the gun. It’s important to give enough time to ensure all issues are resolved, inspections performed, loan applications approved, repairs made, Buyers have their federally regulated 3-days in advance review of documents…you get the picture. Any party can set this date, but be sure it works for all involved – and that the purchase agreement doesn’t expire in the meantime! We can help you figure out an appropriate date that’s as soon as possible, but also plausible.

Choosing a Location

While everyone knows location, location, location is important when buying a home, it also needs to be considered when it comes to closing time. Deciding where to meet to seal the deal can be done by the Lender or whomever else wants to make the call, as long as it’s communicated clearly. Typically, closings take place at the title company or escrow office, but if that isn’t convenient for you, there’s one title company (hint, hint) that goes above and beyond by traveling to practically any site requested.

Being Properly Prepared

Don’t come to the closing without your ID, a copy of your agreement, a means by which to pay closing costs, and most importantly, cookies for the title company rep (just kidding). In addition to the Buyer, Seller and title company representative, you can expect to see real estate agents and perhaps attorneys as well as loan officers. P.S.: The pens to sign the mountain of papers are typically provided.

Ensuring Smooth Sailing

The last thing anyone wants to experience is problems and delays that hold up the closing. As we said, there’s a whole lot that needs to be done before you sign the last paper and grab hold of those keys. If you’ve planned properly, given yourself enough time, and chosen the right title company (hint, hint again) known for uncovering and solving anything and everything that gets in your way, well, then you can count on an enjoyable closing experience. If you go with a title company that does not have Sun and Title in its name, our advice would be to wear something comfortable and bring along a water supply – you’re going to be there for awhile.

Want to close problem-free, A.S.A.P. ? Step one: call 616-458- 9100. Step two: start celebrating.

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