Sun Title was founded over fifteen years ago after our owners experienced an awful closing involving a commercial property they were purchasing.  The process was clunky, there were errors in the documents, and the closer at the title company was mean.  It turned an exciting event into a frustrating experience.

Tom and Lawrence walked out of that closing and said, “There has to be a better way!  How hard can it be?”

After 15 years, Sun Title proves that there is a better way.  And it was harder than it looks!

It’s about more than just paperwork — for us it’s about the people on our team and the clients we serve.

At Sun Title, we not only deliver accurate, detailed, and timely title commitments and closing statements, but also behind-the-scenes empowerment that help the professionals we serve be their best, a culture our team can thrive in, and buyers and sellers just plain happy.

Our culture allows our team to deliver the best possible closing experience, period. That means always doing the right thing and keeping in mind what’s best for our clients. It means being accommodating about signing locations, resolving issues quickly, scouring over every detail, and saying “Yes” when others are far too quick to say “No.” It means keeping everyone in the loop with consistent, proactive communication while also keeping an unwavering focus on a single goal: delivering an efficient, problem-free, closing experience that is second to none.

Yes, we’re known for our accuracy and integrity — what else would you expect from a staff made up of Type-A personalities who obsess over details? But what’s not expected is perhaps what we take pride in most: our client-centric culture that fosters an environment of fresh ideas and open communication; a culture that inspires our team to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to go above and beyond, stay humble, listen and continually learn; to stay friendly, flexible and steadfast in our quest to find new ways we can help.

We believe every great closing begins by living out our core values and our mission every day: to empower our team and our clients to achieve their best, making every interaction exceptional.

We are an extension of our clients. They rely on us as a trusted resource, a company they can depend on to, yes, deliver quick and accurate title commitments, but more than that, a place where they know they’ll receive dedicated, darn near obsessive, full-service support.

What can you expect? Exactly what you deserve:

When you work with Sun Title, you can expect accuracy, integrity and great communication, but you can also expect to receive the help you need, no matter when you need it. You can expect quick solutions, flexibility, an obsession with details, hands-on ownership and ultimately, a closing experience nothing short of incredible. When you work with Sun Title, you work with a group of people personally invested in you; people empowered to do whatever it takes to make every interaction exceptional.

Our Promise:

We promise to deliver a second-to-none closing experience from day one. We will do whatever it takes to make your life easier, help make you look good and make every step of the process smooth and stress-free. We will solve issues quickly, communicate consistently, keep your best interests top of mind and meet you anytime, anywhere, never losing focus on what matters most — you.

Our Mission:

We empower our team and our clients to achieve their best, making every interaction exceptional.


Every decision and action must embody our Core Values:

  • We are a “Yes” company
  • Communication is our most important product
  • We always do the right thing and assume positive intent
  • We vigorously protect our culture
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