Get Empowered to be a Part of Something Great.

Great People, Great Culture

Great culture requires great people, so, yeah, ours is pretty awesome. That’s because we love coming to work each day in an environment where fresh ideas and open communication are encouraged and appreciated by all. It’s empowering and fosters a feeling of excitement – a feeling like we’re all part of something bigger than ourselves. And we have to tell you…that’s a great feeling!

You can’t fake great culture or create it quickly, but you can definitely find it here.

best and brightest

We’re proud to be a 2020 winner of West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For! Our company culture is important to us and we work hard to ensure our employees are happy and empowered to deliver a great customer experience. 

As a “Yes” company, we’re obsessed with delivering the best closing experience in the industry, and we know that starts with every one of us not only listening to our clients, but also to each other. We strive to stay humble, open-minded, constantly learn and work together to deliver an internal and external experience like no other.  

Values that guide and inspire us to be, you guessed it – Great!

Our core values embody who we are and ignite the passion we have for everything we do, from the initial handshake to signing on the dotted line. These values guide us on our quest for greatness. This is how we roll. Learn them. Love them. Live them. And greatness shall be ours!
  • We are a “Yes” company that obsesses over the closing experience
  • We hire, grow, and empower the best and brightest
  • We know that communication is our most important product
  • We always act with integrity
  • Our accuracy is the result of our dedication to the details
  • We assume positive intent
  • We quickly own and over correct mistakes
  • We love to laugh while we work
  • We are humble and seek ways to learn and help
  • We are constantly learning, growing and encouraging change

Does all this sound great to you? Well, let’s talk! Learn more about what makes Sun Title unique and how you can be our next rock star. Connect with us today to discuss our open positions.

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