Great People, Great Culture

Great culture requires great people, so, yeah, ours is pretty awesome. That’s because we love coming to work each day in an environment where fresh ideas and open communication are encouraged and appreciated by all. It’s empowering and fosters a feeling of excitement – a feeling like we’re all part of something bigger than ourselves. And we have to tell you…that’s a great feeling!

You can’t fake great culture or create it quickly, but you can definitely find it here.

Our Mission

We empower our team and our clients to achieve their best, making every interaction exceptional.

Job Types

Sun Title Order Entry Position


Order Entry team members are the ones that get things started and get the ball rolling. They’re the first step and the foundation of every new transaction at Sun Title and they lay the groundwork for the rest of the team to do an amazing job.

They’re responsible for receiving new orders, data entry, and beginning the hunt for other property information needed to set up a file. An Order Entry team member should be comfortable reaching out to clients and multiple vendors to obtain information. Accurate and detailed information is needed to kick off the start of a smooth closing process.

This is an entry-level position, perfect for people with outstanding communication skills and flexibility to support our clients and the Sun Title team. Precision with a personal touch gets everyone off on the right foot.

Official Duties:

  • Receive new orders: Monitor faxes, emails, telephone calls and website for new orders.
  • Initiate communications: Obtain missing information directly from clients and non-clients.
  • Acknowledge all new orders: Send email acknowledgments to the client and other parties.
  • Create new file in software: Add and update information to software.
  • Coordinate outside searches: Order, tracking and receiving outside searches. Maintaining data for all outside search vendors.
  • Enter Party Information: Upon receipt of a Purchase Agreement, contact information of any new parties (NDC’s, lender, seller, buyer) is added.


Escrow Officers play a key role in creating an amazing title transaction experience. They’re master multi-taskers and pro communicators, with a love for data and coolness under pressure. Their experience in the title industry ensures they know the ins and outs of what makes a good, smooth closing. They’re involved in pretty much every step, like preparing statements for purchasing and refinance transactions, coordinating title clearance for closings, obtaining tax information from tax authorities, ordering payoffs from lien holders, ordering subordinations, and scheduling closings. So they do a lot, to say the least, and they do it with drive and laser focus.

These team members are diligent, but comfortable speaking up and taking a leadership position. An Escrow Officer is a numbers person and ultimately, the final details rest on their shoulders. For this job, accuracy, attentiveness and super-happy clients are what drive you. This team member knows their data while keeping their team running smoothly.

Official Duties:

  • Obtain approval: Obtain approvals from lender.
  • Order documents: Order title commitment updates, tax updates and pay-off updates.
  • Prepare settlement statements and closing documents: Prepare and organize all documents necessary for the closing.
  • Schedule and coordinate closing: Review title documents to determine whether the transaction is ready to close, compile the closing package for the notary, and communicate details and outstanding issues to relevant parties.
  • Request document updates: Once a closing is scheduled, send requests to update the title commitment and taxes, and contact third parties for updated pay-offs (mortgages, water/sewer, HOA, etc.)
  • Prepare seller-side and buyer-side settlement statements and closing documents: Review the title commitment, purchase agreement and other documents (pay-offs, invoices, etc.) and preparing the settlement statements and other closing documents.
  • Conduct closing: Act as notary closer to get documents signed.
  • Quality Control review of the closing package: After signing, review the signed package for accuracy and completeness, including any outstanding items necessary to clear title requirements.


Don’t let the word “assistant” fool you. Escrow Assistants play a huge part in everything we do. They are looking to break into the title agency business with big aspirations, big smiles, and the desire to pitch in and help out wherever and whenever it’s needed. They are comfortable working with purchase, refinance, and commercial transactions to connect all parts of the team and put together the right documents for the client.

Daily tasks include preparing statements for purchase, coordinating title clearance for closings, obtaining tax information from taxing authorities, ordering payoffs from lien holders, ordering subordinations, and scheduling closings.

Cooperative, thorough individuals with attention to detail thrive here. The ability to see the big picture and get all the moving parts right help Escrow Assistants succeed.

Official Duties:

  • Review documents: Review documents for completion and accuracy.
  • Send initial communication to the client and other parties: Send clear messages to parties regarding outstanding issues and other information.
  • Title Clearance and Information Gathering: Assist Escrow and Full Service Officers with obtaining transaction information (e.g. commissions) and title clearance documents including pay-offs, discharges, or entity documents.
  • Update title software: Determine which full-service items are outstanding.
  • Communicate with Clients: Communicate title clearance requests to clients and their customers and follow-up on requests that have not been received.
  • Coordinate the transaction process: Clear title requirements and other contingencies required under the purchase agreement, including monitoring and updating the completion of full service items.
  • Assist both Escrow Officers and Full Service Officers: Assist team members with other duties as necessary.


Commercial Full Service Escrow Officers accommodate the special needs of commercial title commitments. These people are next-level experts in their field and know all of the ins and outs of the commercial real estate world. They juggle the responsibilities of meeting deadlines, desires, and industry requirements. It’s a tall order, but a Commercial Full Service Escrow Officer will step up and ensure that their clients have a smooth, worry-free closing every time.

Commercial Full Service Escrow Officers are fast-paced, detailed, and can thrive under pressure. Their desire to help others enables them to successfully coordinate each and every closing document. But when it comes down to it, this person can double-down to make sure the job is done right.

Official Duties:

  • Schedule and coordinate closing: Determine whether the transaction is ready to close, review and assemble closing documents, and communicate all details to relevant parties.
  • Order title documents: Send requests to update the title commitment and taxes, and contacting third parties for updated pay-offs (mortgages, water/sewer, HOA, etc.).
  • Coordinate the transaction process until the closing: Work with commercial brokers, lenders, attorneys and other professionals to clear title requirements, including monitoring and updating items in title software, and coordinating with any parties on a split transaction.
  • Prepare settlement statements and closing documents: Review the title commitment, purchase agreement and other documents (pay-offs, invoices, etc.) and prepare the settlement statements for closing.
  • Obtain lender approval of buyer Closing Statement (purchases): Prepare the initial buyer CDF and coordinate and obtain Closing Statement approval from the lender.
  • Conduct closing: Act as notary closer and transaction expert at transaction closing.


Now that the escrow work is done, it’s time to get the money and documents where they need to go. It sounds easy enough, but one mistake at this step could be costly. A Disbursement Officer is the one to review and finalize each file and transaction. Properties aren’t cheap, so a Disbursement Officer needs to be comfortable transferring large sums of money on a regular basis, and to make sure all i’s are dotted, t’s are crossed, and ducks are in a row. A Disbursement Officer can catch outstanding issues such as inaccurate files or missing funding approval. They have amazing people and communication skills.

This person can handle the pressure of catching every last minute issue and fixing it to ensure a happy closing for our clients. They see how every tiny piece of the puzzle contributes to a fast and easy closing process. Efficient, thorough individuals with these special skills will thrive in a practical and cooperative work environment.

Official Duties:

  • Quality Control: After the closing, review the signed closing package for accuracy.
  • Organize and Scan File: Organize original documents (and certified copies) and scan the entire file into title software.
  • Obtain funding authorization: Send applicable documents to the lender and obtain funding approval following the closing.
  • Short-form policy: Prepare short-form title insurance policies (if applicable).
  • Disbursements (purchases): After confirming funding approval, disburse remaining payments from the file (including checks), and send all original lender documents to the lender.
  • Disbursements (re-financing only): After receiving funding approval and any rescission period, disburse all payments from the file, including checks.
  • Send, monitor and receive recorded documents: Following the closing, send documents to be recorded, monitor status of outstanding recordings, and update title software as needed.
  • Correct Recording Document Errors: Coordinate with Escrow and Examination Departments to fix documents errors.
  • Initiate Wire Transfers: Initiate wire transfers online and notify authorized persons to review and release.


A Notary is the face of confidence and reassurance. They are client-facing individuals who, on top of their expertise in the closing process, will be there to guide our clients, explaining things clearly and helping them feel comfortable throughout the process. Closing on a new property can be stressful, and during the final closing, our clients rely on the Notary to know their stuff inside and out as their guide through the sea of documents and signatures that stand between them and their new property. When the clients need a navigator – that’s where the Notary comes in.

A Notary takes the lead during a closing meeting to explain the purpose of each document to the client. They know where signatures are needed and are able to inject some fun into a somewhat lengthy signature process. Their job puts them on the spot and calls for self-assured individuals who look forward to something new every day. These confident individuals act as the face of Sun Title, and enjoy a personal work environment.

Official Duties:

  • Conduct the closing: Present the closing documents to clients, obtain signatures, and notarize documents.
  • Distribute selected payments: Following confirmation of funding approval, distribute required payments to all parties (seller proceeds, agent commissions, etc.).
  • Quality Control: Immediately following the closing (while the parties are still present), review the closing package for accuracy.
  • Travel: Travel comfortably to outside businesses, homes, etc. to conduct closings.


Customer Service Officers are the go-to team at Sun Title. They work closely between internal parties and clients when there is a change or update to the title work. With strong technical skill, they ensure all parties have a clear consensus of the closing procedure and make sure everyone is on the same page, even when there are hundreds of pages. A Customer Service Officer is a people person, who is comfortable reaching out to clients and other parties regarding updates on the process or answering questions.

Customer Service team members incorporate a wide range of skills. They initiate title searches and title commitments, update title documents, and contact the necessary parties involved with the change. These cooperative and smart individuals know how to empathize with customer needs and get the job done right. They are a client-facing position at Sun Title with the joy of helping customers and managing internal data.

Official Duties:

  • Send initial title commitment/property search to relevant parties: Send the title commitment or title search to relevant parties, including the supporting documents and a summary of critical issues.
  • Update title commitments: Revise and update title commitments, including CPL’s, chains of title, changing lender, loan amounts, effective date, etc.
  • Assist with title clearance: Assist clients and staff with clearing title requirements and answering questions.


Title issues can throw a huge wrench into any closing, and an Examiner is here to make sure that doesn’t happen. They’re able to see both the big picture and the smallest details to ensure a smooth transaction. An Examiner acquires all information needed to prepare searches and title commitments and verify that Sun Title meets all legal standards. These title searches are the foundation of title commitments, which makes accuracy and attention to detail absolutely critical.

These specialized team members are focused and deliberate in their actions. Each transaction is unique, and an Examiner needs to apply previous knowledge to better each transaction. Updates are made with ease to ensure precision. An Examiner’s hard work creates tight title commitments for other members to get the job done.

Official Duties:

  • Research and prepare title commitments: Search public records and other databases to identify ownership, liens, mortgages, encumbrances, easements and other interests affecting real estate.
  • Examine and prepare title commitments: After completing the property search, examine various interests and prepare the title commitment.
  • Update title commitments Obtain updated documentation and revise and update title commitments accordingly.
  • Assist with title clearance Assist other departments with clearing title requirements.


Tax Search team members are masters of finding the correct information for each transaction. As well as expertise in the property tax world, these confident team members bounce between multiple resources to further inquiries on potential government charges that could be applied to the property (maintenance, debris removal, etc.) that may ultimately impact the client. A surprise property tax or charge is often the greatest escrow loss item in a title agency and a massive source of frustration to clients. No one likes surprises or frustration, especially during a closing. Documenting all tax inquiries in writing, as well as detecting and following up on special assessments, keep things organized and save clients from unexpected fees.

These analytical but accommodating team members know their field. The job is a mix of collaboration and niche industry knowledge. Tax Search team members are not afraid to push for accuracy and detail in this high-stakes position. They are leaders in their field and protect both clients and the reputation of Sun Title.

Official Duties:

  • Obtain tax and assessment information: Contact third parties to obtain accurate current and delinquent outstanding taxes and assessments.
  • Update tax information: Update contact and procedural requirements for municipalities as needed.
  • Manage special assessments and miscellaneous charges: Identify and oversee tax municipalities and other charges that may affect the property (maintenance charges, inspections, etc.).


The ultimate i-dotter and t-crosser, Proofing is our department of quality control. Much like an Examiner, these team members triple-check that Sun Title work is perfect every time. Proofers know the ins and outs of title commitments.

Like one would guess, proofing is not a job for error. Other members rely on precisely prepared and proofed paperwork in order to do their job, so these team members need to be really good at theirs. The best gift we can give our clients is a smooth and easy closing process. Proofers are here to ensure we keep our promise.

Official Duties:

  • Review and correct title commitments: Review and correct the title commitment to ensure all information about the property is accurately shown.


If you’d like to know what Sun Title does every day, take a walk in the Exam Assistant’s shoes. This team member is the jack-of-all-trades for all closing needs. From Order Entry to Customer Assistance and Tax Research, this is a job where you won’t get bored.

An Exam Assistant is someone who can’t stand doing the same thing every day. They are comfortable bouncing between different areas and enjoy doing a little bit of everything. While lightening the load for their fellow team members, they enjoy the more social and freeform styles of working at Sun Title.

Official Duties:

  • Order entry assistance: Assists Order Entry team members with initiating new orders.
  • Order documents: Order title commitment updates, tax updates and pay-off updates.
  • Assist with title clearance: Assist other departments with clearing title requirements.
  • Update title commitments: Revise and update title commitments, including CPL’s, chains of title, changing lender, loan amounts, effective date, etc.
  • Coordinate outside searches: Order, track and receive outside searches, maintaining the information for all outside search vendors.
  • Send initial title commitment/property search to relevant parties: Send the title commitment or title search to relevant parties, including the supporting documents and a summary of critical issues.


Some people love talking to strangers. These people are Administrators. As the face of the company, team members here work directly with our clients to make sure they walk away with a good experience. Whether it’s in person or virtual, they’re always happy to meet with you.

For those looking for something to spice up their day, this job comes with a lot of variety. Clients always have all sorts of questions, and the right Administrator makes sure to point clients in the right direction to get what they need. Closing on a new property is a big decision, and big decisions can make people nervous. Administrators have the magic touch to ensure clients feel good about their closing experience. Many clients judge Sun Title through their interactions with Administrators, so these team members go the extra mile to help everyone have a positive experience.

Official Duties:

  • Act as liaison between parties: Connect clients to the proper department for all questions.
  • Assist customers: Welcome all customers into Sun Title Offices and assist with any concerns.
  • Promote the image of Sun Title: Impact the bottom line through positive customer interactions with Sun Title.
best and brightest

We’re proud to be a 2020 winner of West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For! Our company culture is important to us and we work hard to ensure our employees are happy and empowered to deliver a great customer experience. 

Values that guide and inspire us to be, you guessed it – Great!

Our core values embody who we are and ignite the passion we have for everything we do, from the initial handshake to signing on the dotted line. These values guide us on our quest for greatness. This is how we roll. Learn them. Love them. Live them. And greatness shall be ours!
  • We are a “Yes” company that obsesses over the closing experience
  • We know that communication is our most important product
  • We always do the right thing and assume positive intent
  • We vigorously protect our culture
As a “Yes” company, we’re obsessed with delivering the best closing experience in the industry, and we know that starts with every one of us not only listening to our clients, but also to each other. We strive to stay humble, open-minded, constantly learn and work together to deliver an internal and external experience like no other.  

Company Perks

We do regular fundraisers and events to help in the local community including the following organizations:

  • Children’s Assessment Center
  • School Supply Santa
  • Salvation Army Angel Tree
  • Dream Manager Life Coach
  • Personal and professional development opportunities are highly encouraged
  • 401(k) retirement plan with company match
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Health savings accounts
  • Short and long term disability insurance
  • Leave of absence programs
  • Life insurance
  • Will preparation services
  • Paid holidays to celebrate:
    • New Year’s Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after
    • Christmas Day
  • Paid time off that can be used interchangeably to relax and recharge or for sick time. To help prevent vacation e-mail fatigue, every person in the office has someone who helps cover their phone and e-mail messages while they need to be gone.  This allows our employees to truly disconnect when they need to.
  • We have four highly revered annual company events led by our fearless leaders:
    • Our Kick-Off Event where we discuss company performance and our strategic initiatives
    • Our highly competitive Chili Cook-off Event judged by our prestigious leaders who decide whether white chicken chili counts as chili and whether tofu is an acceptable ingredient
    • Summer Cookout
    • Turkey Fry
  • In addition, we host a monthly staff meeting lunch or happy hour where we meet to discuss company news, welcome new hires, celebrate anniversaries, and measure the progress of our strategic plan.
  • Referral bonus: If you are a current employee who refers another great employee who joints our amazing team, you will receive a $1,000.00 referral bonus.
  • Company sponsored participation in the Annual Riverbank Run
  • Company sponsored fitness challenges and events
  • Ergonomic workstations
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Telemedicine benefits
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Company sponsored annual flu shot

Does all this sound great to you? Well, let’s talk! View our open positions or submit your resume for future openings.


Sun Title exemplifies how a company should treat both their employees and clients alike. At other companies, I didn’t necessarily feel like employees were near as important as clients.


I’ve been in both the financial and title industries now for half my life, and worked with and for a lot of different types of people but the biggest and most positive difference I have experienced here at Sun is that I actually have a voice. I am not just a number. I am not just a quota. I am part of Sun. I matter here.


We really are like a family. And we care about the product and the customers. It’s hard to find places like that, where the pride rubs off on employees.


In every single aspect, we are not just numbers here and we are not “churned and burned”. If you have an idea of how to better improve a process, you are always encouraged to speak up. I feel both personally and professionally fulfilled every day.


Sun Title is amazing in that the owners show their care for the employees all the time. We are considered family, not numbers. We are known by name. We frequently get emails of appreciation from management, as well as them sharing outside customers’ emails about how well we are doing. The biggest difference of all, however, is that we are a YES company, and that means YES to us, most of all. Lawrence and Tom have actually turned away work at times when they felt it was best for the company, best for us, at that particular time. That, to me, says YES, we respect our quality of work, we respect our team members and their ability to have a good work/home balance.


From my first day, all my experiences at Sun were geared toward giving me the knowledge, ambition and agency to make decisions and ask questions that I’ve simply never felt at any other company at which I’ve worked.


Sometimes being a “YES” company drives me crazy, but it WORKS for the company. The customers know that we will find a way to do it, if it is possible. It is possible 99.9% of the time.


I am new to the company, less than a month. In this time I have witnessed others on my team share ideas with the team leads and their ideas were welcomed and praised. This makes me feel safe to share my ideas in the future. I also feel that I have freedom to be me and make my position my own.

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