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Signs You Wish You Would’ve Used Sun Title

Congrats! You bought a house, you’re super pumped, can’t wait to close on it, move in and make it your own, but then there’s the issue of (imagine scary music here) the closing documents.

Yes, some may think of a closing as an intimidating stack of papers that require you to sign on the dotted line until your ink runs out and your hand’s so cramped the letters of your name are no longer legible, but hey, all that paper is a necessary part of buying a home. So, you’re stuck, with the long, drawn-out process, right? Not if you choose a title company with as much scrutiny as you chose your new place. The fact is, not all title companies are the same. Consider these signs you should go with Sun Title next go around:

You could run a marathon – twice – in the amount of time the closing takes

Imagine holding #85 at the deli and they’re on #3 – you know the feeling. If you find yourself nodding off during the closing process, or thinking you’ve spent less time in line at the Secretary of State, well, that’s a sure sign you should’ve gone with Sun Title. We’re pretty much obsessed with scouring over details, pro-actively problem-solving and ensuring everything is accurate before we get to the table. That way there are no delays, and the process goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Your title company is as accommodating as a grizzly bear

Sometimes problems pop up or a GPS is necessary to get to where your closing needs to take place. We get it. Which is why we’ll go out of our way to solve issues that arise and go way out of our way if that’s what it takes to accommodate a closing  location. If your title company’s motto is, “Too bad, so sad…not my problem,” it’s time you slowly back away, then run to Sun Title.

You haven’t heard from your title company since the last episode of GOT

There’s nothing worse than not having any idea what’s going on when you’re in the process of buying a new home. Well, maybe being face-to-face with a dragon, but you know what we mean. Communication is a big deal, and if your title company speaks to you about as much as your ex-mother-in-law, we know a title company that’s all about keeping you in the loop, staying in contact throughout the entire process and happily answering questions, solving problems, and saying “Yes” when others are far too quick to say “No.”

Here’s their number if you’re interested: 616-458- 9100.

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