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Closing With Another Title Company? Here’s How to Cope (and Not Cope) When Things Go Awry

A Sun Title closing is basically guaranteed to be fast and painless, but when you use a different title company, well, that practically guarantees you’re going to need some help coping when things take a turn for the worse (notice we said when, not if).

Right about now, you might be kicking yourself for not seeking our help, but don’t worry – we’re still here for you! Here are some tips for good vs. bad coping mechanisms to get you through the unfortunate circumstance of using someone other than Sun Title:

Breathing in a paper bag vs. drinking from one

Both can take the edge off, but taking long deep breaths will help relaxation kick in faster and besides, it’s certainly a healthier choice. Believe us, your liver will thank you when you finally move into your new home someday.

Putting yourself in a time out vs. punching someone out

Violence will only make things worse and likely add to the lengthy legal issues at hand. It’s much better to take a moment to walk away and calm yourself – take your time, you have plenty of it.

Thinking of your happy place vs. being sad about the place you’re in

Closing with a title company other than Sun Title can take an excruciating amount of time, we know. The good thing is it will undoubtedly drag on so long, no one will suspect your glazed over look is because you’re daydreaming of being elsewhere.

Moving around vs. just sitting there and taking it

Exercise is a stress reliever, so go ahead and take that seventh inning stretch, stand up and do some jumping jacks, run around the building a few times – don’t worry, the process will still be dragging on when you get back to the table.

Squeezing a stress ball vs. throwing it as hard as you can at the person’s face across from you

As we mentioned before, violence is not the answer. Taking out your pent up frustration on an inanimate object is always a better choice. Having said that, there are still parameters. For instance, squeezing a stress ball is much better than punching a hole in the wall or throwing a lamp out the window – you get the idea.

Bringing along aromatherapy vs. smelling the lunch you had to order in because it’s taking so long

Smells can have a profound effect on your emotions and mood, and we’re here to tell you, the strong smell of onions is not quite as soothing as that of lavender, just sayin’.

Want more tips, or better yet, a closing where coping mechanisms are simply not needed? Just contact Sun Title by dialing 616-458- 9100 or by filling out our convenient online contact form. We like making things easy and stress-free.

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