Buyers & Sellers

We’ll help you make sense of all the technical lingo, side step issues that could get in your way, and boil down what you really want to know: For the buyer – how much is this going to cost? And for the seller – how much am I going to get?

We’ve assisted thousands of individuals and investment companies with acquiring or selling property in Michigan. We can assist you with documenting and closing the transaction.
Our For Sale By Owner Information Packet provides a step-by-step guide for buying or selling real estate in Michigan:

  • Step by step guide to documenting the sale including typical timelines
  • Summary of the documents required to purchase and sell real estate in Michigan
  • Explanation of what title insurance covers and the cost
  • Title search and commitment order form
  • Title insurance rate table
  • Sample purchase agreement with explanations
  • Purchase agreement
  • Addendum to purchase agreement
  • Earnest money escrow agreement
  • Seller’s property condition disclosure statement
  • Lead-based paint disclosure form
  • Mortgage payoff authorization form
  • Earnest money release agreement
  • Property transfer tax table
  • Property tax proration explanation form
  • Closing checklist
  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions
  • Moving checklist
  • Post-closing critical information sheet
Our dedication to excellent service includes:

  • For Sale By Owner Information Packet
  • Single point of contact
  • Superior communication
  • Knowledgeable and professional staff, including on-staff attorneys
  • Award-winning closing locations
  • Proprietary Mobile Closing Units® to close anywhere

tools & calculators

We don’t just make the closing experience easy, we make all the stuff you need to do to get to the table in the first place easy! Use our online tools and calculators to breeze through waivers, calculate tax prorations, determine summer and winter tax percentages and more, all on-line, all right here.

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