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The Joys of Paperwork (When You Work with Sun Title)

Paperwork. It’s a necessary evil in the life of a ​REALTOR®. Whether commercial or residential, real estate transactions involve lots o’ paperwork – there’s just no getting around it. But it doesn’t have to take hours on end and be something you dread as much as going to the dentist or being left alone with your mother-in-law. Here’s a little secret to finding joy in the pile of papers: Leave it all to us.

That’s right, we’re happy to make sure all your paperwork is in place, everything’s documented correctly, info is accurate and all the legal stuff is correct (Sun Title is run by two lawyers after all). Even if one of the parties involved is a FSBO, we’ve still got you covered with a whole packet of information that explains what to do and where to sign. All you have to do is hand it to them. It’s tough not to find some joy in that, huh?

Questions? Go ahead and refer them to us. Adjustments that need to be made? No problem. Issues that arise needing solutions (and likely more paperwork)? It’s all good. We’ll even proactively solve things we think just may pop up to make sure there are no delays or glitches getting in your way. And hey, when everything is in proper order, an efficient closing is as inevitable as all the paperwork involved! Want a fast, problem-free and nothing short of awesome closing experience? Just call Sun Title at ​616-458- 9100. We might not be able to help you find joy in spending alone time with your mother-in-law, but we can definitely help you find joy in the paperwork involved with a closing that goes faster than you can say ”Initial here.”

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