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Things To Do During the Long Process of Closing with Someone Other Than Sun Title

Well, this is exciting – at least it was a couple of hours ago when it began. It’s closing day and all you really want is to be handed the keys to your new front door, but since the title company isn’t Sun Title, instead you’re being handed more paperwork to sign. You’re listening to gobbly-gook you don’t understand and you’re probably getting hungry and frustrated and impatient. Don’t worry…we’ve seen this happen before. Just try to stay calm and attempt some of these antics to make the time go by faster:

1. Count things

Doesn’t matter what it is. Just start counting. Count the number of pages in the pile of paper in front of you, the number of stripes in that guy’s tie, how many times they say, “Sign here,” you get the idea. This old stand by works every time.

2. Plan your house-warming party

Make an imaginary guest list and menu. Decide if you want to have a brunch, a game-night or a dance party once you finally get into your new home.

3. Do some online shopping on your phone.

You can do this discreetly by pretending to be looking down at paperwork or seemingly contemplating a stain on your shirt.

4. Daydream

It would be better if you could just take a nap, we know, but when your eyes are closed, it makes it pretty obvious. Instead, find a focal point and drift away while appearing to be paying attention.

5. Make a mental list of all the things you could be doing that are worse

Like having your wisdom teeth extracted, stepping on a rusty nail, getting food poisoning, undergoing a colonoscopy…you can take it from here.

6. Make origami swans or paper airplanes out of your copy of the documents

If you need to watch this instructional video first, make sure your phone is on silent.

7. Doodle

Whether it’s variations of smiley faces and squiggly lines or a drawing of your furniture layout options, you’d be amazed how time flies when you get in a doodling daze.

8. Meditate

There are different ways to do this without notice. Try focusing on breathing deeply, but be careful not to draw attention to yourself by hyperventilating. You could also repeat a mantra to yourself, like, “I can’t wait to get out of here” or “I wish I had used Sun Title.”

Above all, remember that eventually you will indeed be handed your keys and congratulated on being a new homeowner. Just a lot later than you would have if we had anything to do with it.

For a smooth, easy and fast as possible closing, give Sun Title a call at 616-458- 9100.

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