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How to Ensure a House Stays on the Market and Doesn’t Sell

You can’t control the housing market so why bother trying right? Some houses are just not meant to sell. Besides, adjusting your strategy is kind of a hassle – is that sold sign really worth it? Tough to sell houses can stay on the market for a long, long, long time if you let them. Just follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way

Never Adjust the Price

Who cares what the house is actually worth, or what comparable houses in the area are selling for – jack up that price as high as you can go! Forget about that comparative market analysis – that’s for people who want to bring buyers in, after all.

Don’t Worry About Staging

Why would you take down that disco ball in the dining room – who wouldn’t love that? I mean, if people can’t see past the clutter piled up in front of the fireplace, that’s their problem, isn’t it? Staging means you have to pack a bunch of stuff up and get it out of there and then keep it nice and tidy – talk about a pain! That’s much more of a downer than trying to sell your house for months and paying a second mortgage.

Let Sellers Refuse to Make Repairs

Nothing attracts buyers more than turnkey situations, so making repairs means you’ll have to manage a bunch of people trying to outbid each other for the best offer. It’s much easier to sit around and wait for under-asking price offers to come in than to deal with that! Top dollar vs. taking the time to fix things up – that’s a no brainer. Repairs are so overrated! 

Wait for Buyers to Come to You

Who has time to spend on marketing the fact that you’re selling a house? Do you really want to make that social post or get your house listed on a popular site that a widespread audience of homebuyers will see? Word of mouth is plenty, don’t you think? We’re sure someone is eventually going to notice your house is for sale – it may take years, but they’ll notice.

Some houses are just plain tough to sell because of the market, location, or other factors. Do the opposite of everything listed above, and you’ll have buyers waiting in line to get that home off the market…unless of course you like the idea of a long, long, long sale – kind of like how closings go when you don’t use Sun Title! Hey, to each his own (call 616-458- 9100 if you change your mind).

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