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The Power of Empowerment

One of the biggest pet peeves for people everywhere is getting the runaround when all you want is a quick answer to your question or solution to a problem. Let’s face it, no one enjoys being frustrated by automated response systems and the litany of steps you must go through until you’re finally able to speak with an actual human being! And does anyone find it fun to leave messages with a middle party in hopes it will eventually get to the right person? Not us. And we’re pretty sure not you either.  Which is exactly why, unlike at other title companies, Sun Title employees are empowered to help. 

That’s right, don’t let our light and friendly demeanor fool you. We’re more than just cordial – we’re highly trained and have the skills and knowledge needed to provide answers and solutions quickly…with a smile of course. That in turn makes our customers smile, and they don’t even have to press the pound sign when they’re done. It’s a beautiful thing, but it doesn’t stop there. Here are some other benefits empowerment provides:

It Instills Confidence (in both Employees and Clients!)

Because our employees are armed with information and tools that allow them to help you on the spot, they can confidently take on any inquiry you may have. Plus, you can be confident of receiving the answer you need exactly when you need it. That’s a pretty great win-win…we’re confident you’d agree. 

It Creates a Great Company Culture

At Sun Title, we have an all-for-one and one-for-all attitude that has continuously grown over the years. We know that each of us has a contribution to make and we all play an important role on the team. We thoroughly enjoy helping our clients and working together toward the common goal of making life as easy as possible for them. This is what has become our company culture and it’s, well…empowering.

It Showcases Expertise

When everyone in your company knows their stuff, people start looking to you as the place to go for expert advice. Heck, even other title companies come to us with questions! And guess what? We’re happy to help.

It Makes People Happy 

It feels good to know you’re a valued member of a team and a part of something bigger. When employees are empowered, it typically follows that they’re also happy, and happy employees make for happy clients. Sun Title clients know they can count on us to help them solve their problems efficiently and effectively, and not only enjoy a closing experience that’s exceptional, but enjoy every interaction they have with us as well. That’s what clients deserve, after all, and it’s our mission to make sure that’s exactly what they get. 

Feeling empowered to ask for Sun Title for your next real estate transaction? Or, maybe you’re interested in joining our empowered team – we’re always on the lookout for those who make a great fit! Either way, contact us online or give us a call at 616-458- 9100 today.

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